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Ultrasonic Handgun Cleaning

    In order for a firearm to operate properly at all times, the user must take the necessary steps in cleaning it after every use. When a gun is fired, it creates build-up of various particles such as oils, carbon, copper, lead and remnants of black powder. To rid these particles and restore the firearm to its slick finish, users should resort to ultrasonic cleaning systems. Used by thousands of firearm users around the world, these systems have become an industry standard for properly maintaining weapons and firearms. Use of these systems will ensure the reliability of your gun the next time it must be put to use.  State of the Art Ultrasonic Cleaning of your firearm $30.00 per handgun $50.00 per rifle.

 FFL Services 

    We are happy to facilitate the transfer of firearms to our customers. There are two main kinds of transfers we do. First is a transfer between two local individuals. This is where a local person is selling a firearm to another and both parties want to ensure the transaction is conducted legally. This protects both parties involved. To do this type of transfer, both parties must come into the store. The seller / owner will bring the gun in to be transferred and their identification. We will receive it from them and log it into our books and give them a receipt showing it has been removed from their name. The buyer / receiver will usually come in at the same time as the seller or can come at a later time. The buyer will fill out the federal firearm purchase for and present current identification and, if applicable, permit to purchase. We will verify the background check and, upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner. 

    The second kind of transfer is a long distance transfer. This occurs when a selling is too far away to bring the item in person. This is common when someone purchases a gun thru an auction service, from a distant gun store or receives a firearm from an out of state relative. All firearms shipped to us MUST come from a licensed firearm dealer with a valid FFL. Shipping Dealer MUST enclose an ink signed copy of their FFL along with invoice or packing slip indicating purchaser name and firearm details including serial number with the gun. We DO NOT accept any firearm shipped from an individual without an FFL. Before we can receive a firearm from another dealer, we must send that dealer a copy of our FFL. To do that the buyer needs to fill out a Firearm Transfer Form and return it to us. This form can be dropped off at the store or faxed to us at the number on the form. 

Handgun Permit Application Processing 

     For those applying for their NYS Pistol License, including NYC, CT & Utah (with accompanying letters of necessity, passport photo service and fingerprinting)* 

$500.00 Personal 

$750.00 Business 

$1000.00 NYC Business 

*There are additional fees for jurisdictions that require a live fire class. 


    Are you looking for a Safe, Easy, Legal and Lucrative way to sell your guns? We accept guns and some accessory items for consignment sales. The fee for this will be 25% of the final sales price for items greater than $300 or 30% of the final sales price for items $100-300 and 40% for items less than $100. Services for that fee include: Cleaning and Minor Repair/Touchup of the Firearm Professional Detailed Photography Comprehensive Descriptions of Item in Ad Copy Answering Queries from Potential Bidders / Buyers All Auction Fees Including Listing and Final Valuation Fees All Shipping Charges Validating the Authenticity of Federal Firearms Licenses through the BATFE Completion of Background Checks and Collection of Applicable Licenses / Permits Storage of Firearms in Fire Resistant Safes Credit Card Payment Fees Deducted by Credit Card Companies Collection of Payment Retention of All Documents Pertaining to Sale as Required by the BATFE Contact us today to find out more! 

Special Orders

    Though we stock many guns at any one time, some guns are simply unavailable at any given time. Because we are a traditional gun shop and are part of the largest buying network in the country, Annabi Risk Management makes it simple and easy with our Special Order program.  Because of our buying power, more than 5 years in business and a select cliental we are usually the first shop to receive hard-to-find guns and you’ll wait the least amount of time, secure in the knowledge that the gun you want is reserved in your name.  You can special order the gun you want through and we’ll charge you a nominal deposit. Please note that your card will NOT be charged the entire amount at checkout and we will only process your deposit. Once we process your deposit, our buyer will place your order with the factory, as well as every major firearms distributor in the country.  Once the gun comes in, we’ll contact you so we can process the balance and get your gun shipped out to your FFL or place it in our stock for pick-up. Please note that the balance of your payment is due immediately upon the gun arriving in our store.

 Why are guns not available at specific times of the year?

    Most firearms manufacturers produce guns in batches during specific times during the year. This means that at any given time, many firearms are simply not available. In addition, newly hard-to-find guns are usually in stock only briefly before they are purchased. Many times, manufacturers will announce new guns coming to market before they are actually available. We allow you to reserve that hot gun in advance, so you can be assured to get the first one available.

Estimated Arrival Time

     We do our best to estimate the time it will take for us to get a specific firearm. However, this is simply our best guess based on our experience and wait times could be longer or shorter, depending on a particular manufacturers’ production schedule.

Custom Guns

     We are part of the preferred dealer network for Les Bear, Ed Brown, Nighthawk Custom, and Wilson Combat. You can order these custom guns online, selecting the options you want.  We charge a non-refundable 50% deposit on these guns and we will confirm your order via email prior to placing it with the manufacturer. Once your new custom gun arrives at our shop, we will inspect it, and then contact you to satisfy the balance.

We want your gun buying experience to exceed your expectations, so if you have any questions, 

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