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About Us


   Annabi Risk Management & Consulting Inc. is a family-owned and operated business established in 2009. We started our business through word of mouth and various firearm shows and exhibitions. The positive customer response we received led us to expand our business.

Our Mission is to provide good and decent citizens with the tools, physical abilities, and mental skills to protect themselves and their loved ones from society’s predators.  Please know  your states gun laws I cannot stress how important this is.

We are a Class 1 and NFA Federal Firearms Licensed dealer covering Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties. Annabi Risk Management is conveniently located in Putnam County. Contact us at (845) 208-5808. We have NRA Certified Instructors to teach all NRA Safety and Hunting Classes as well as classes for the Concealed Carry Weapons Permit for NY, CT, Utah and Florida. We offer the Live Fire class for Westchester and Putnam Counties. We also offer exporting services around the world and Cater to those customers requiring specialized services.

We deal in hand guns by diamondback, Glock, Sig Sauer, Colt, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and many others. We also deal in rifles, ammunition, safety gear, rifle scopes, handgun scopes and other sporting goods as well as personal self-defense items such as stun-guns and pepper spray. We deal with only the best. If you do reloading, we've got reloading hardware and supplies like Hornady and Speer bullets, Bullseye gunpowder and CCI primers.

About Our Name

Welcome! ANNABI RISK MANAGEMENT was started with an idea of turning our passion for firearms into a family run business that can provide our customers with that extra attention to detail. We listen to you. We aren’t your typical gun store, and what do I mean about that. Well, you know when you walk into a gun store it’s 

usually very hard to get anyone to help you and the guy behind the counter might have already passed judgment on you for whatever reason. Just not a friendly place to go….this is what I heard from close friends and family. I have experienced this sort of ego when buying a few guns before becoming a FFL Dealer. Anyway’s, here at Annabi Risk Management, that ego is checked at the door or when we pick up the phone to answer 

your call. That’s right, we actually do answer the phone. The store’s unique name not only states the focus behind the type of customers it services but it also reflects the atmosphere you encounter when you walk in the place. You will experience a warm “hello and goodbye” even from the youngest of the owners’ family. “Cheers” is not the only place where everybody knows your name. You might even walk in on the family eating dinner at the table. If the item is on our website, that means we actually have the product you want to order. We ship as fast as humanly possible as long as all the paper work is in order in regards to firearms and ammunition sales and laws. Knives we ask that you provide legal proof of being 18 years of age and we have you fill out an online affidavit in doing so. I’m telling everyone, shop with us and you won’t be disappointed. We are former Law Enforcement and active shooting enthusiast. Myself, Orlando and Lou B. will be here to help you.  


MY Value to You

Although the shop is a small one, you will find a constant change in inventory.  In fact, if you don’t see what you were looking for in our shop, let us know and we are more than happy to special order it…often beating prices from surrounding gun shops and online retailers.

We invite you to come in and talk to us. Get to know us. We want to know how we can support you in your goals.  We look forward to serving all of your shooting and tactically defensive needs. If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know….WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS.

We want to be your one stop Firearm Resource, Gun Dealer, Instruction Institution for all of your family and personal safety needs.  Like us on Facebook.