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We know everyone has some political feelings but:

Can you imagine how hard it is to enforce the law? Politicians have written the laws of our land - not our police officers and armed forces. No one wants to be told that what they did isn’t correct – but that is the job of law enforcement. Can you imagine a harder job than that of a law enforcement officer?

We, have been around long enough to see children grow, go to the academies, graduate, have a career in law enforcement and retire. They gave their lives to ensuring the safety of our communities.

No group of humans is perfect; but when it becomes them and us, no one wins. (We should all be citizens). Without our law enforcement this country would look like Iraq. If you know someone in law enforcement they need you to be their friend more than ever. Please seek them out, tell them how important they are and do them a kindness if you can.

We at ARMED1 are pro-police, pro-military, and proud of it. Again, no group of humans are perfect but overall these men and women try as hard as they can to do good. They want your support. Please support them.


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